Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe Review

Firestar Home Safe Review
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Robust, secure, high-quality construction and easy to use, the Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe is the ideal solution for both home and office security. This particular model is certainly among the leading Firestar home safe models.

Forget burglars, at least some of these crooks have the common decency to leave your personal documents behind after robbing you of your valuables. I mean, what’s a robber going to do with your marriage certificate, stash it? If only we could all be that lucky.

Unfortunately, there’s an ancient culprit in town and when it comes knocking, you can bet your soon to be crisp pounds that nothing’s going to be spared. If you really want to keep your cash, deeds, credentials, certificates, and valuables safe from fire, then you’ll want to hear what I have to say about the Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe.

Firestar home safe review


What are you buying?

First off, you have to give it up to the manufacturer for their versatile and multipurpose designs. This particular model by Firestar is certainly among the leading home safe models. The sleek and compact design makes it the ideal security solution for both home and office use.

You’re going to be keeping some of your most treasured belongings in here, so let’s see what Firestar’s top home safe is really made of.

The Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe boasts of solid galvanised steel construction that is plated to exacting standards. But that’s not why you’re here now, is it? You want to hear about the thick fire resistant barrier material that is strategically built into each safe wall.

That’s right; just like every other security safe from Firestar, this one has also been tested and certified to provide about 60 full minutes of fire protection for paper according to the Swedish SPCR 002 standards. But if the unspeakable happens, at least you’ve got up to a valuables rating of £2,000 and £20,000 for insurance purposes.

Now for the best part; the locks. Hey, just because this is an industry leading fireproof safe doesn’t mean that Firestar neglected the security aspect. We’ve already seen how the thicker safe walls keep fire and physical attacks at bay for minutes.

However, the manufacturer went ahead to incorporate an electronic keypad lock that allows users to set their own secret codes. Any unauthorised code inputs will lead to a lockout. But don’t sweat it, you also get to set your master code in case such an event happens.

How easy is it to use?

Firestar Home SafeLike all other home safes from Firestar, this model is also quite easy to use. For starters, you don’t have to worry about losing your keys all the time thanks to the electronic lock. Everything is right there in the centre control panel with a soft touch keypad.

However, Firestar is always encouraging an active lifestyle, so you can forget about automatically opening doors. You’ll have to pull that slab of steel they call a door open.

And speaking of steel slabs, I also noticed that the entire thing weighs only 26 Kg. That’s definitely light enough for one person to haul it off. Fortunately, Firestar had the foresight to include pre drilled holes at the base of the fireproof safe and some fixing bolts to help you secure that bad boy to the wall or floor.

As for the interior, it’s certainly a bit bigger than I initially expected. Which is why you’ll agree with me when I say that a few LEDs in there would certainly have made things more interesting. After all, there are already 4 AA batteries included in there, am I right?

Any accessories included?

Once you’ve made your order, you can expect the following items and accessories in the package:

  • The Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Fixing bolts


  • Compact design allows for easy concealing
  • Comes complete with pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Has unique master code in case of lock outs


  • It would have been nice to have some interior lighting

Anything else you should know?

One thing that I admire about Firestar safe is the incredible customer service and guarantees that come with each unit. The Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe not only comes with a 10-year warranty, but the manufacturer was also kind enough to include a full lifetime replacement guarantee in the event of a fire. How cool is that? Just don’t go burning down your house now.


Robust, secure, high-quality construction and easy to use, the Firestar Electronic Fireproof Home Security Safe is the ideal solution for both home and office security.

Whether you’re looking to give your documents, hard drives, and sensitive data the best chance of surviving a fire or just prevent your valuables from becoming easy pickings, then your search ends here.

Sure, you’ll have to cough up a pretty pound to afford this safe. But it will all be worth it in the long run; especially if your home or office is packed with fire hazards.

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