The Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe Reviewed

Phoenix Titan Safe Review
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Excellent protection, solid design, unmatched simplicity and quite the impressive array of convenient features, it’s easy to see why the Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe is among the most popular models in the UK.

When it comes to combining all the modern aspects of a home security safe with good old key locks, no one does it better than Phoenix. Their best selling release by the name Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe is proof enough that their competition still has a long way to go.

Uniquely white, impenetrable, old school, and packed with all the space you need for an array of items, this here’s an honest to God Phoenix Titan Safe review.

Phoenix Titan safe review


What are you buying?

So most people will tell you that the Phoenix Titan Fire Safe is just another pretty, rectangular, all metal, mammoth home safe. I was one of those people until I heard about the insane testing that each Phoenix safe goes through.

Get a load of this; the manufacturer actually performs a drop test of almost 10 meters to get resistance to impact of falling through multiple burning floors in the event of a building collapse. So as if providing users with an entire hour of fire protection wasn’t enough, the Phoenix Titan Safe is built to survive ghastly falls too.

However, all that is useless if the locking mechanism is not up to par. I have to admit; with all the modern technology and advanced locking mechanisms currently available, I could help but wonder why Phoenix opted for an old school key lock.

But as most locksmiths will tell you, you just can’t beat the reliability and consistency of a high-quality keylock. No electronic locks, no fancy doodads, and no power required for eternity. All you get is a key and another spare to limit access to only those with a key.

Phoenix Titan Fire Security SafeLooking inside, the Titan safe from Phoenix definitely lives up to its name. Aside from having slightly more volume to work with, there are plenty of compartments to stash your items. There’s also a convenient pull out drawer to make use of every inch of space as well as a key rack on the door to keep your keys safe.

This is especially useful for offices and businesses where employees leave cabinet and vehicle keys hanging around. The internal key hooks in the Titan allow you to restrict access to certain amenities and keep the keys from getting lost all the time.

How easy is it to use?

As you would expect from a keylock safe, the user friendliness levels are off the charts. For starters, you’ll never have to bother with long passwords or the availability of a power source. All you need are your keys to get the Phoenix Titan fire Safe open and closed. The locking mechanism is further complimented by a normal handle that makes opening and closing the safe a cinch.

Looking inside, Phoenix used a clever compartment design that allows you to install and remove partitions as required. This way, you can create more space for larger items instantly. The easy pull out drawer can also be removed, but you’ll find it more useful and functional for keeping smaller items safer.

Another feature that really makes things easier is the line-up of key hooks on the door interior. This allows users to quickly set and lift off your keys without even looking. And lastly, you also get quick-fix floor fixing bolts to give your new safe a permanent home.

Any accessories included?

After making your purchase, you can expect the following items in the package:

  • The Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe
  • Two identical keys
  • Fixing bolts


  • Attractive, clean and white exterior
  • Simplistic and extremely easy to use
  • Incredibly sturdy, drop-tested construction
  • Offers an entire hour of fire protection


  • The Titan is one of the more expensive home safes in the UK

Anything else you should know?

As you would expect from something that can survive a 10-metre drop through a burning building, the Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe is quite thick and heavy. As a result, the larger exterior is only a reflection of precisely how thick the walls are. So while you do get extra protection, it comes at the cost of less interior space. Pay close attention to the interior dimensions when you’re buying the home safe is all I’m saying.


Excellent protection, solid design, unmatched simplicity and quite the impressive array of convenient features, it’s easy to see why the Phoenix Titan Fire Security Safe is among the most popular models in the UK.

With its no-maintenance high-quality key lock and flexible fixing options, this just might be the only home or office safe you’ll ever need. The fact that it’s not too hard on the eyes helps too; as long as you’re willing to pay the extra pounds, it’s a purchase you’ll never regret.

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