How To Choose The Best Shed Security?

Backyard sheds are common targets for burglars. They are typically less secure than the house, and burglars know they can find valuable items like bikes, lawn mowers and power tools.

Burglars can also break into a shed looking for tools to break into your home.

So securing your shed not only protects valuables, it also contributes to overall home protection.

To secure your shed, use multiple methods to detect, deter and obstruct would-be burglars. You can have a strong padlock and locking bar for the door, an alarm to deter burglars and a backyard security camera to catch burglars in the act.

In this buying guide, we recommend the best shed security options in the UK, and give you tips on how to choose the right one for your shed.

What to Consider When Choosing Shed Security

A. Type of Security

The first thing to consider is the kind of security you want.

The smartest move is to install multiple security measures that, together, obstruct and deter burglars. If you have the budget for just one or two, then we recommend securing just the shed door.

Get a heavy duty hasp and staple lock with a secure padlock. We also recommend adding a security bar for additional protection. It’ll keep the door from being forced open even if the main lock is compromised.

Another useful addition is an alarm. It can be a motion-detection alarm, a door alarm, or a vibration alarm. Some alarms combine different sensors such as a motion sensor, a window sensor and a door sensor.

B. Compatibility With Shed

Make sure the shed security product you intend to buy is compatible with your shed. This is especially important for things like locks and security bars.

For instance, shed double doors need a wider security bar.

C. Weather Protection

Since the shed is outdoors, any shed security product will also be outdoors. So it’ll need to be weatherproof or weather resistant.

For locks and security bars, make sure they are protected from corrosion.

For electronic products like alarms and cameras, get those with a high IP rating for moisture and dust protection.

Best Shed Security: Top 5 Reviews

1. FJ Brindley & Sons Shed Security Locking Bar

A security bar is one of the most basic, yet most effective, shed security you can install. It prevents a burglar from forcing open the shed door, even if they defeat the primary lock.

The FJB (FJ Brindley & Sons) locking bar consists of a thick heavy duty piece of 40 x 10mm steel as well as stainless steel brackets and bolts. It’s highly unlikely a burglar will be able to bend it and force the door open.

The entire bar is 150cm long. It’s angled one one end, and a padlock secures it on the other end. The angle and the padlock keeps the bar secured within the two brackets.

Note that the padlock is not included, you’ll need to buy your own. But everything else is provided including 8mm bolts to secure the brackets onto your shed wall or door frame.

The bar is made from galvanised steel, which provides long term corrosion protection even in coastal areas.

What we like about it:

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Corrosion resistant bar and fixings.
  • Easy to install.

2. Y Anchor Heavy Duty Security hasp and Staple

If you are shopping for a hasp and staple lock, look for a heavy duty and pair it with an equally heavy duty padlock.

Our favourite hasp and staple lock for sheds is made by Y Anchor. It’s designed for installation on double shed doors.

The Y Anchor doesn’t have a hinged hasp like traditional locks.

Instead, it consists of two hasps that you bolt to each door. You then connect the two hasps using a padlock. Note that the padlock is not included.

Where the two hasps meet, they form a protective housing that prevents access to the padlock. This ensures burglars cannot cut or snap the lock.

The two hasps are 5 x 50mm, but thickness doubles to 10mm around the padlock housing for added protection. Each hasp is 22cm long.

To secure the hasps, the Y Anchor lock kit includes six 8 x 75mm bolts; three for each hasp.

While it offers good security on its own, we recommend pairing the Y Anchor hasp and staple lock with a locking bar designed for double doors.

What we like about it:

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Protective padlock housing.
  • Easy DIY installation.

3. Sixty Two Trading Wireless Shed Alarm

An alarm is one of the most effective burglar deterrent. This wireless one by Sixty Two Trading is extra-loud (113 dB) to scare would-be burglars away.

It works by detecting vibration when a burglar tries to break in through the door or window. It’ll sound some pre-warning beeps to deter the burglar before any damage is done, then the main siren will go off.

To reduce false alarms, the alarm has seven sensitivity settings. If, for instance, you live in a windy area and your shed vibrates in the wind, you can reduce sensitivity to make sure the alarm doesn’t turn into a nuisance.

This wireless alarm is designed to be installed outdoors, close to where a burglar is likely to break in through. Installing it outdoors also ensures the siren carries far enough for you or your neighbours to hear.

Don’t worry about the rain or snow; the alarm is waterproof.

The package includes the main alarm, a remote control fob and three batteries. The remote control lets you deactivate the alarm and has an SOS button for manually activating the alarm. It has a 20m range.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to install using adhesive pads.
  • Loud siren.
  • Includes remote control for deactivation and SOS.
  • Vibration sensor deters burglars before they do much damage.

4. Yale SAA5015 Wireless Shed and Garage Alarm

If you prefer a motion sensor alarm, we recommend the Yale SAA5015 wireless shed and garage alarm.

It detects motion from as far as 12m, and produces a loud 100dB siren. To silence the alarm, you have to enter a 4-digit pin on the keypad.

The alarm runs on 4 AA batteries that are not included with the package. To ensure your shed is always protected, a red light will come on to alert you when the batteries are running low.

You can set up the Yale SAA5015 freestanding or mount it on the shed wall. Mounting is the safest option. You can also add a wooden frame around it to prevent burglars from ripping it off the wall.

The only thing we don’t like about the Yale wireless alarm is that it doesn’t have adjustable range/sensitivity. If your shed is located close to trees or in a small backyard where kids often run around, you may get many false alarms.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to install.
  • Loud siren.
  • Long range.

5. HUSZZM 2Pack Keyed Locking Hasp Shed Lock

If you are looking for a hasp and staple lock for a single shed door, we recommend this 2-pack from HUSZZM.

The package consists of two hasp locks. Each lock includes a hinged hasp and a keyed lock that you turn 90 degrees to lock or unlock. You do not need a padlock.

These locks are on the cheaper side, and you can easily tell by looking that they are not exactly heavy duty. They are actually small enough that you can install them on a drawer or cabinet door.

That’s why we recommend the HUSZZM locks for low and medium-security situations. They are adequate if you have just some basic tools and other low-value items in your shed.

But if you have expensive tools, a lawn mower, bikes and other valuable items, we recommend getting something more secure.

You can install the two HUSZZM locks on a single door for extra security, or use just one of them. Installation screws are included for each lock.

The locks are stainless steel, so they should withstand the outdoors without corroding.

What we like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Easy to install.
  • Corrosion resistant.

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