How To Choose The Best Personal Security Alarm?

A personal security alarm is one of the best personal safety devices you can legally carry with you anywhere you go. It’s especially suitable for vulnerable persons such as the elderly, women, and kids.

Personal security alarms work by emitting a loud alarm when a button is pressed or a cord is pulled. The goal is to deter an attacker and attract attention from other people around. Some personal security alarms also have a built-in torch for added protection.

In this guide, we review the best personal security alarms in the UK, and give you tips on how to choose the best one for yourself or a family member.

What To Look For In A Personal Security Alarm


A personal security alarm is only as good as its loudness. You want an alarm that will instantly scare an attacker and attract attention from other people, even from a distance.

The best personal security alarms emit a 130 or 140 decibel siren. That’s just as loud as an ambulance or police siren.

Built-in Torch

If you or the person you are buying the personal alarm for is often out at night, get an alarm that has a built-in flashlight.

It’ll provide lighting in the dark and can also complement the siren. Some personal alarms turn the built-in torch into a strobe light when the siren goes off, to attract more attention.

Ease Of Use

You want a personal security alarm that’s easy to use, but not too easy that it’s easy to set off false alarms.

We prefer personal security alarms with a cord that you pull to activate the alarm. It’s easy to use even for kids and seniors, but unlike a button, you are less likely to accidentally set off the alarm.

Also, check that it’s easy to turn off the alarm once you activate it. We recommend testing the alarm at home. Turn it on for a few seconds then turn it off. This also lets you know how loud the alarm is.

Size & Portability

Personal security alarms are generally small and easy to carry around.

If you are getting an alarm for your child, you’ll need to find one that’s small and light enough to fit in their pocket.

Something else to check is whether there’s a way to attach the alarm to a keyring, belt or backpack. Most alarms come with a key ring and chain.


Finally, check the kind of battery the alarm uses. Most personal security alarms run on replaceable batteries. Check exactly what kind of batteries they are and make sure you can easily find them online or at a local store.

Other personal alarms use a rechargeable battery. You charge the alarm once and it can last for months or even more than a year before you need to charge it again.

Best Personal Security Alarms: Top 5 Reviews

1. Defender Police Preferred Personal Attack Alarm

The Defender personal attack alarm is one of the loudest in the market. The siren tops out at 140dB, making it louder than ambulances.

In addition to the siren, the Defender alarm flashes the built-in light to further deter an attacker.

To activate the alarm, pull the attached cord and pin. To silence the alarm, put the pin back in its place. The pull-to-activate design reduces the risk of false alarms.

The Defender alarm does come with a button, but it’s only for turning on the flashlight.

Using the included keyring or belt attachment, it’s easy to carry the Defender personal alarm with you. And since it weighs just 140g, you don’t have to worry about walking around with a heavy device.

The Defender alarm can also work as a home alarm. It comes with a mounting bracket, so you can install it by your front door and pull the cord incase of an emergency.

Alternatively, you can attach the cord to the door. If someone forces the door open, it’ll activate the alarm.

The Defender personal attack alarm runs on a 9V battery. It comes with the battery included, but you should keep spare ones around.

What we like about it:

  • Super loud.
  • Easy to use.
  • Also ideal for home use.
  • Bright flashlight.

2. Safesound Personal Alarm

The Safesound personal alarm is a good choice if you want a rechargeable alarm. It runs on a lithium battery that you charge using the included USB cable.

It takes about half an hour to fully recharge the alarm. It can retain its charge for a full year on standby. But if you happen to use it, you’ll need to recharge it.

The siren from the Safesound alarm is 130dB loud, good enough to attract attention from as far as 300 yards.

The alarm also comes with a built-in torch. You can use the torch’s flashing mode to attract more attention especially when it’s dark.

One thing we really like about the Safesound personal alarm is that you have two ways to activate the siren. You can pull out the pin or press the button quickly two times.

This lets you choose the method you find easiest to use. And because the button requires two quick presses to activate the alarm, the risk of an accidental alarm is low.

The Safesound alarm is easy to attach to a key ring, a lanyard or your belt for easy portability. It’s also very light at just 59g, so even kids can carry it.

What we like about it:

  • Two ways to activate it.
  • Loud.
  • Includes bright flashlight.
  • Rechargeable – no batteries to replace.

3. Aboat 5 Pack Personal Alarm

If you want to get a personal security alarm for everyone in your family or business, we recommend this 5-pack from Aboat. You’ll save money compared to buying 5 separate alarms.

Each alarm comes in a different colour, so everyone knows which is theirs.

The Aboat personal alarms are some of the smallest in the market. Each one fits easily in the palm of your hand, making it easy for everyone, including kids, to use.

You can also attach the alarm to a key ring, belt, bag, or backpack.

Each Aboat alarm has a pin that you pull to activate the 130dB alarm. Insert the pin back into its slot to turn off the alarm. The alarms also come with a built-in light, though it’s not as bright as in other alarms.

Each alarm runs on a replaceable button battery.

What we like about it:

  • Good value for money.
  • Great for families.
  • Loud siren.
  • Easy to carry around.

4. iitrust Safesound Personal Alarm

The iitrust personal alarm is another good choice if you are shopping for a rechargeable alarm. It comes with a 120mA lithium battery that takes about an hour to charge using the included USB cable.

After that, you only need to recharge it every three months or after using it.

The iitrust personal security alarm is one of the few that has an IP rating for water and dust protection. It’s rated at IP44, meaning it will not get damaged by rain. But do not dunk it in water or go swimming with it. It’s not waterproof.

It also has anti-drop protection, making it one of most durable personal security alarms. It’s great for joggers, hikers, and kids.

The alarm itself is pretty loud at 130dB. It’s accompanied by a bright flashing light to provide maximum deterrence against an attacker.

The iitrust alarm comes with a standard pin that you pull to activate the alarm and a button that controls the LED light.

It also has a hook for attaching it to keys, backpacks, belt and other items.

What we like about it:

  • Loud.
  • Includes LED light.
  • More rugged and durable than other personal alarms.
  • Convenient rechargeable battery.

5. Sonew Wristband Alarm

The Sonew wristband alarm resembles a watch complete with a band and an acrylic screen. It’s a great choice if you don’t want an alarm that you have to attach to your belt or keys.

You wear the Sonew alarm on your wrist like a watch, making it more discreet than other alarms. The wristwatch design also makes it harder for kids or seniors to lose it.

Many users also say it’s easier to access in case of an emergency. You don’t have to look around in your pocket or bag; it’s right there on your arm.

At 120dB, the Sonew alarm is not as loud as other alarms, but it’s loud enough to attract attention in a public place.

A button on the side activates the alarm when you press it. Press the button again to turn off the alarm.

When the alarm turns on, a flashing light also activates.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to use.
  • Discreet.
  • Includes flashing light.
  • Great for kids, elderly, and active users.

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