How To Choose The Best Parcel Drop Box For Your Home

Porch pirates can be a huge nuisance. Some go to the extent of following delivery trucks around, waiting to steal packages left on people’s porches.

There are several ways you can deter package thieves.

Some easy ones include scheduling your deliveries for when you are home, asking the delivery company to hide the packages behind a bush or asking your neighbour to pick the packages for you. You can also install a camera to watch over your front door.

But these solutions are not guaranteed to keep your packages secure.

A better option is to get a parcel drop box.

What is a Parcel Drop Box?

It’s a mail box for your parcels.

A parcel drop box is designed to receive delivered packages and store them in a secure compartment. Because of how they are designed, only someone with a key can retrieve the packages.

So once the delivery person has dropped in the package no one can fish it out.

Parcel drop boxes are usually made from strong metal all round to ensure no one can break into them.

Installation is easy and you can even do it yourself. Depending on the size and design, you can bolt it to the floor or wall.

It’s a good idea to label the parcel box with something like ‘Parcels’ to notify couriers where they should leave packages.

If the box is not installed near the front door where it’s easily visible, you may also want add another sign on or near the front door directing couriers to the drop box. Otherwise they may just leave the packages on your porch.

What to consider when buying a Parcel Drop Box

1. Security

Make sure the box is very secure. Check what security measures the manufacturer has used. At the very least make sure it has the following essential features:

  • Strong metal construction to keep packages secure.
  • A way to securely bolt the drop box to the floor or the wall.
  • A secure locking mechanism that cannot be easily defeated.
  • An anti-fishing mechanism where packages cannot be taken out once they are put in.

2. Size

Another important factor is size.

Parcel drop boxes come in many sizes from small wall boxes to large ones that you bolt on the floor. The best size will determine the size of packages you receive often.

Because this is something that’s going to be exposed to the elements, make sure it has rust protection. Many parcel drop boxes are made from galvanised steel with a paint coating that prevents rust.

The inside should also be well protected from rain or snow using weather stripping or some other method.

3. Design

Finally, make sure the drop box looks good.

You are most likely going to install it where it can be easily seen. Get one that adds to your home’s charm and beauty.

Some drop boxes come in several colours allowing you to choose the one that best blends with your exterior.

Best Parcel Drop Box Reviews

Ready to find the best parcel drop box to keep your packages secure? Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. Wall Mounted Smart Parcel Drop Box

This parcel drop box comes in 8 colours including dark grey, red, green and blue. So you can choose the one that looks best for your house.

It’s a medium-size drop box that measures 44cm wide, 35cm deep and 58cm high. The largest parcel size it can hold is 32cm x 20.5cm x 12cm.

For security the box is meant to be bolted onto the wall at around 5ft from the ground. It’s constructed from galvanised steel that is rust-free and pretty much impossible to break into.

The secure lock comes with two keys so you can have one for you and your partner or another family member.

The box has two main sections; the top drop chute and the main compartment. The delivery person just has to lift the top lid and place the package inside. When they close the lid back, the package is dropped into the main compartment.

An anti-fishing design prevents anyone from stealing the packages. Only someone with the key can retrieve the packages by opening the main door.

A barcode on the box can be scanned to confirm delivery.

What we like about it:

  • Barcode to confirm delivery.
  • Strong secure construction.
  • Medium size that’s perfect for apartments and small homes.

2. Architectural Mailboxes elephantrunk Parcel Drop Box, Red

This is the best parcel drop box for most people. It’s super secure, looks great and can receive both large and small packages.

It measures 94.6cm x 45.2cm x 40.6cm. It can hold parcels up to 29.2cm x 18.5cm x 23.6cm in size. That’s big enough to cover most of your everyday deliveries.

The construction is very sturdy and secure. It’s made from heavy gauge steel and aluminium. It’s then powder coated with a beautiful fiery red finish.

A 3-point locking mechanism ensures that no one can tamper with the lock. Only the right key can open the door.

The drop chute works like that of any other drop box. The delivery person places the package in the chute and it drops when the lid is closed. No one can retrieve the package without opening the door.

Your packages are completely secure in the elephantrunk.

I like that it comes with a vacation stopper which stops deliveries when you are away from home for an extended period.

There is also a small plaque you can affix on your door to notify delivery companies to drop packages in the box.

What we like about it:

  • Big enough to accept multiple packages of different sizes.
  • Very secure.
  • Easy installation with all the required parts included.

3. Metz Tall Parcel Drop Box

This is also a good choice if you need a large parcel drop box that can hold larger or multiple packages.

It is 114.5cm high, 39.5cm wide and 28.5cm deep.

It’s best if you mount it on the floor using the included feet. But you can also mount it onto the wall though that will require a bit more work since you have to drill some holes at the back.

Whichever way you decide to mount it, it is very secure.

It is constructed from high quality steel that is powder coated to prevent rust. An anti-fishing mechanism prevents anyone from getting to the packages while a secure internal locking mechanism ensures no one can tamper with the lock.

The storage compartment is quite deep. For convenience, it has a removable shelf which divides it into two. If you are just expecting one or two packages, you don’t have to bend far to retrieve them. If you are going away for longer, you can remove the shelf to create space for more parcels.

What we like about it:

  • Convenient removable shelf.
  • Very secure.
  • Large enough for most people’s needs.

4. Hardcastle Large Black Metal Lockable Parcel Box

If you receive large packages, this is a great choice. It’s a big trunk measuring 40cm high, 56cm wide and 25cm deep.

But the design is quite different from other parcel drop boxes.

There is no drop chute. It’s simply a metal box with a lock. Here’s how it works.

When you go to work or on errands, you leave the box unlocked. The delivery person comes and put the parcel inside and then they lock it.

Once it’s locked only someone with a key can open it.

The obvious downside is that it only works if you receive only one package through the day. If you have multiple deliveries on the same day, only the first one can be secured inside the box.

That is unless you leave the key somewhere for the delivery person which may not be very secure. Someone else can discover your hiding place and open the box.

The box is made from metal so it’s very sturdy. The locking mechanism is secure and comes with two keys.

For added security, you can mount it on the wall.

What we like about it:

  • One of the cheapest parcel drop boxes.
  • Ideal for extra-large packages.
  • Secure.

5. Smart Parcel Drop Box and Letter Mail Box

This is another drop box that works for one-time delivery only. This is because it uses a simple open and shut lid rather than a drop chute.

It’s not very big but is still large enough for most everyday packages. It measures 46cm high, 30cm wide and 25.5cm deep.

You can mount the unit on the wall or on the floor. They’ve even pre-drilled the holes for you at the back and on the base. So you just need to secure it.

Like the Hardcastle box, it works with just single deliveries. You leave it open when you leave and the delivery person locks it after putting the parcel inside.

There is a QR code and barcode on the inside lid that they can scan as proof of delivery.

In addition to the main parcel lid, there is also a slot for mail. It measures 2cm wide and 20cm long.

What we like about it:

  • Weather and dust resistant lock.
  • Includes letter slot.
  • Robust and secure.

Frequently asked questions

How to make a parcel drop box?

To make your own parcel drop box, construct a large wooden box that can fit multiple packages as well as large parcels.

Design two doors: a small access door at the top where the delivery person drops packages through and a larger door below where you take out dropped parcels.

Add a lock to the large door so that only you or someone with a key can access the packages. For extra security, bolt the parcel drop box to the wall or floor.

Is a parcel drop box secure?

Yes, parcel drop boxes are secure enough for ordinary packages. They are designed such that only someone with a key can retrieve the packages. Most boxes are also designed to be attached to the floor or wall for added security.

Where is the best place to install a parcel drop box?

Install the parcel drop box at the front of your house where it is easily visible to couriers delivering packages.

If the box is not waterproof, install it somewhere sheltered like in the porch to prevent water damage to packages.

What’s the best size of a parcel drop box?

It depends on the size and number of packages you often receive. If you receive large packages or multiple packages throughout the day, get a tall and wide parcel box.


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