Which Is The Best Euro Cylinder Lock?

Ironically, the lock is one of the most vulnerable points on a door. Most burglars don’t bother trying to kick the door open or take it off its hinges – that’s too loud for their liking.

Instead, they attack the lock using techniques like picking, snapping or bumping.

That’s why it is important, regardless of how thick and solid your door is, to have a secure lock that can resist all kinds of attacks.

In this buying guide, we recommend the best Euro cylinder locks in the UK market. The Euro cylinder lock, the most common type lock in stores, has undergone a major upgrade recently to resist snapping attacks.

So most of the locks we’ve picked are the new type with and extra-secure design.

What To Consider When Choosing a Euro Cylinder Lock

A. TS007 3-Star Certification

Unless you are buying a lock for a low-security door, such as an internal door, a TS007 3-Star certification is a must-have. Only buy a Euro cylinder with the 3-Star Kitemark symbol.

The TS007 3-Star indicates that the lock is designed to withstand snapping attacks. Burglars have learnt how easy it is to compromise a door with an old Euro cylinder lock. They simply snap the cylinder in halve.

This gives them access to the lock case, allowing them to open the door in a minute or less. The best part, at least for burglars, is that the whole attack is quiet so it doesn’t alert the neighbours or passers-by.

TS007 3-Star certified locks are highly resistant to snapping. They are stronger, so don’t snap as easily as the old Euro locks. And even if the burglar manages to snap the outer part of the lock, they still cannot access the lock case, thus can’t open the door.

Another certification that indicates a lock is anti-snap is the SS312 Diamond certification. In fact, it’s stricter than TS007. So locks with the SS312 Diamond certification are more secure.

Another standard to look for is Secured by Design. This is an official police initiative that accredits locks and other building security products. Most lock with the Secured by Design approval can resist snapping and other types of attacks.

B. Size

You’ll need to have two measurements when you shop for a new Euro cylinder lock: the external and internal measurement of your lock.

Measure the distance from the centre of the centre screw that holds the cylinder in place to the edge of the outer and inner handle back plate.

You can also take out the current cylinder and measure the distance from the centre of the hole to the outer and inner edges of the cylinder.

Here’s a helpful video on sizing a Euro cylinder lock.

Be careful to note the external measurement as TS007 3-star cylinders are non-reversible, so you have to get the specific internal and external measurements.

Note that cylinder locks are available only in 5mm increments. So if you get an external measurement of 43mm, get a 45mm external cylinder lock.

Sizes for Euro cylinder lock are given in two numbers such as 40/45. Check lock speciications to find out which number represents the internal side and which is for the external side (there’s no standard way to write lock sizes).

C. Number of Keys

If you don’t want the hassle of ordering spare keys or having extra ones cut, look for a Euro cylinder lock that comes with the number of keys you need.

Most Euro cylinder locks come with three keys, though you can find some with five keys.

D. Keyed Alike

If you want the convenience of using a single key to open multiple doors, get keyed alike Euro cylinder locks. They come in a set of two or more, with all the locks operated by the same set of keys.

E. Double or Single

Something else to decide is whether you want a double or single lock cylinder.

A double lock cylinder has a keyhole on both sides, meaning it is unlocked with a key from both the inside and outside.

If you hate the inconvenience of unlocking the door with a key from the inside, get a single lock Euro cylinder. It’ll have a keyhole on the external side and a knob or thumb-turn on the internal side. This allows you to open the door from the inside without a key.

Note that single lock Euro cylinders can still have the 3-star TS007 certification.

Best Euro Cylinder Lock Reviews (UK Market)

1. Schlosser Technik 3 Star High Security Euro Cylinder

The Schlosser Technik Euro cylinder locks comes with all the security assurances you need for peace of mind.

It carries the all-important TS007 3-star certification, making the lock safe against snapping, bumping, picking and whatever else a burglar may have up their sleeve, literally.

The Technik lock has also been tested against the Sold Secure Diamond Standard (SS312 Diamond) and has approval from Secured by Design.

The lock is available in a wide range of sizes depending on the size of your current cylinder lock. You’ll receive five keys along with a fixing screw to install the cylinder lock.

What we like about it:

  • Multiple certifications including TS007 3-star and Secured by Design.
  • Resists multiple types of attacks.
  • Wide range of size available.

2. Avocet ABS High Security Euro Cylinder Keyed Alike Pairs

If you are looking for keyed alike Euro cylinder locks, we recommend this pair from Avocet. The 50/50 size cylinders carry the TS007 3-star certification as well as a Sold Secure Diamond Standard.

The two standards ensure the locks are highly resistant against snapping, drilling, picking or bumping.

The set comes with six keys, which is handy for large families where you want everyone to have a key. Should you need extra keys, the Avocet ABS locks come with key card. The code printed on the card allows you to order replacement or spare keys.

Note that these locks have the same external and internal measurement (50mm and 50mm). However, you’ll notice one of the sides marked EXT.

This side goes on the outside. It contains the sacrificial section that snaps off if a burglar attempts to snap the lock. Once it snaps, the cylinder block access to the lock case. So do not reverse the locks when installing. Here’s its comparison vs Yale Platinum.

What we like about it:

  • Keyed alike pair – convenient for accessing two doors with the same key.
  • 3-star and Sold Secure Diamond certification.
  • Includes key card for easy key replacement.

3. Yale P-YS3-3535NT Anti-Snap 3 Star Euro Thumb-turn Cylinder

If you are shopping for a single lock Euro cylinder with a thumb-turn mechanism, we recommend the Yale P-YS3-3535NT lock.

It carries the TS007 3-star certification as well as a Secure by Design accreditation, so you can rest easy knowing your home is safer from burglars.

This is a 35/35 size Euro cylinder, but it’s not reversible. One side, the one with the keyhole, goes on the outside. This side has the anti-snap protection.

The other side has a thumb-turn that allows you to lock and unlock the door from the inside without using a key.

For extra security, the Yale lock comes with three keys that have a dimple design that’s difficult to copy. This ensures no one makes a copy without your permission.

If you need replacement or extra keys, use the included key card to order new keys from Yale.

What we like about it:

  • Convenient thumb-turn design.
  • Certified anti-snap design.
  • Include key card for easy key replacement.

4. Era Fortress 3 Star Anti Snap Euro Cylinder Barrel

The Era Fortress Euro cylinder barrel has three certifications: TS007 3-star, Sold Secure Diamond and Secured by Design.

If you are upgrading from standard security Euro locks, this is an excellent replacement. It’ll resist most kinds of attacks from burglars including drilling, picking, snapping and bumping.

The cylinder lock is available in several sizes including 35/35, 35/40 and so on all the way up to 50/50 for thick doors.

You get three keys, each with a red rubber cover on top that makes it easier to insert the key and turn it.

What we like about it:

  • Multiple security certifications including TS007 3-Star.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Rubber cover on keys for easy operation.

5. Yale B-ED4045-SNP Euro Double Cylinder

TS007 3-Star Euro cylinder locks are great for security, but they are expensive. While the higher price is worth it to keep your home safe, not all doors need the extra security.

For an internal door leading to the bedroom or bathroom, a cheaper standard security Euro lock will do. We recommend the Yale B-ED4045-SNP Euro Double Cylinder.

By standard security, we mean that the lock has low resistance to most kinds of attacks including snapping, picking, bumping and drilling. It carries no certifications.

So make sure your external doors are well secured with 3-Star Euro lock and do not use the Yale standard security locks for rooms with high-security items like weapons or sensitive documents.

In addition to internal rooms, the Yale standard security cylinder lock is also great for sheds and storage areas that don’t hold valuable equipment. The lock has high resistance to corrosion and can withstand extreme temperatures, so you can install it outside.

The lock comes with three keys. If you need replacements, a good locksmith will cut extra keys for you.

What we like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Suitable for low-security areas.
  • Easy to cut extra keys.

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