What Is The Best Home Security Camera On The UK Market?

A home security camera deters potential burglars and lets you keep watch on your home when you are away.

You can set up the camera outside your home or inside the house. Most are designed for DIY setup so you don’t need to spend extra on professional installation.

In this buying guide, we review the best home security cameras available online. They range from simple wireless cameras to high-tech ones with features like motion detection and 2-way audio.

They are good for outdoor security or keeping an eye on your pets when you are at the office or on vacation.

But before we get to the reviews, here are important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a security camera.

Key Considerations When Buying a Home Security Camera

a) Connectivity

Check the connectivity options offered with the security camera.

Most cameras have two options: an Ethernet cable and Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is the primary option. It’s easy and fast to set up and you don’t need to drill a hole in your wall.

But if the camera is too far and the Wi-Fi signal is weak, an Ethernet cable is the best option. It provides a wired connection to the router, providing a strong and reliable network connection.

Almost all Wi-Fi security cameras have Ethernet cables included, allowing you to use whichever option works best for you.

b) Power Source

Most security cameras come with a power cable and adaptor that needs to be plugged into an outlet. So you have to consider ease of access to an outlet when finding an ideal location for the camera.

For added flexibility, I recommend getting a camera with a long power cable of at least 3m in length. If the cable is short, you can usually use an extension cable without any problems.

Some newer cameras are ditching cables completely. Instead, they use replaceable or rechargeable batteries.

This has two main benefits.

  • It lets you install the camera wherever you want.
  • It ensures the camera keeps recording even during a power outage.

One other thing to consider when it comes to power is whether the camera has PoE or Power over Ethernet.

This is where the same cable is used for Ethernet and power. You don’t have to set up a separate power cable. It makes installation easier and quicker.  

c) Recording Options and Video Quality

Most security cameras can record video at 1080p. That’s full HD. The video quality is really good unlike in old CCTV cameras that are notorious for their grainy and low quality videos.

Don’t forget to check the camera’s nighttime quality. It should cover a range of at least 10m. The best cameras can cover as far as 25m.

All Wi-Fi security cameras provide a live feed via an app or web browser. This lets you monitor your home when you are at the office or on vacation.

If you want to record video, you have two options.

Look for a camera that provides cloud storage. The downside of this is that you need to pay a monthly subscription.

Alternatively, insert an SD card into the camera.

d) Motion Detection

This one is important.

A camera with motion detection let you catch a burglar in action. It can also alert you when there’s a delivery person at the door.

If your camera has 2-way audio, another great feature to look out for, you can talk to whoever’s on the other side of the camera or even scare away a burglar.

Best Home Security Camera Reviews

1. ieGeek Security WiFi Outdoor Camera

The ieGeek Security outdoor camera has WiFi capability meaning you don’t need any cables to connect it to your router.

WiFi provides a more stable network connection, and makes it much easier to disconnect and reconnect the camera without taking it down (you can also connect it to the router via cable if you wish).

The only wired part is the 3m long power cable.

Like the camera, the cable is designed for outdoor use. They can both withstand all kinds of weather without any damage. This makes the camera perfect for outdoor use.

With a max resolution of 1080p the video quality is incredible. You can view high quality live video of your home from your phone, tablet or PC web browser wherever you are.

The camera also has a local storage option. You can insert an SD card of up to 128GB in capacity.

If you use an SD card, the camera can keep recording even when there is no network connection. This ensures round the clock protection.

For enhanced security, the camera also features a motion detection sensor.

Whenever it detects something suspicious, it automatically sends a push alert to your phone and then you can view the live video. It can also send a snapshot to your email.

You can set the times when motion detection is active. For example, you can turn it off when your kids are playing in the yard.

Because the camera doesn’t have a cloud storage option, there are no subscription fees. Once you buy the camera, that’s it.

What we like about it:

  • High quality video.
  • Ideal for both day and night surveillance.
  • Multiple remote viewing options plus a local storage option.
  • Motion detection

2. QZT Full HD Outdoor IP Camera

If you want a security camera that allows you to talk to a guest or shout at a burglar, we recommend this one by QZT.

It comes with high quality 2-way audio. Not only can you hear what’s happening at home you can also speak via the camera using the app on your phone.

This is handy if you want to scare away a burglar, talk to a guest who has just appeared at the front door or say hi to your pet.

The video quality is also great. It’s full HD – 1080p – and provides clear video both during the day and at night (max range of 10m when it’s dark).

There are two ways to connect the camera for live video transmission.

One, you can connect it wirelessly to the router using 2.4GHz WiFi. This is fast and doesn’t require you to drill any holes.

Two, you can connect it to the router using an Ethernet cable. This is handy if your WiFi is not strong enough to provide a reliable connection.

As for power, use the included power supply cable.

Unfortunately, they don’t have a PoE option (power over Ethernet). If you opt to wire it to your router, you have to install two cables – for power and Ethernet.

Once you download the app on your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to see a live video of your home, hear what’s happening, talk via the camera and get motion detection alerts.

Note: You can link multiple cameras (up to 50) to a single app. You can also add up to 5 users to the service, allowing them to view live video on their own phone, tablet or PC.

The camera supports local storage in an SD card (max 128GB). Alternatively, have the video recordings stored in the cloud for a small monthly fee.

What we like about it:

  • IP66 rating – safe for outdoor use.
  • Excellent video quality even at night.
  • Includes motion detection.
  • Includes 2-way audio.

3. SV3C Wireless WiFi Outdoor Camera

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper WiFi security camera, the SV3C is a good choice. It provides a lower video resolution of 960p but it’s still good enough for most people’s needs.

If you need higher resolution, there’s a more expensive 1080p version available.

The camera is easy and quick to set up. It has an IP66 rating so you can safely install it outdoors using the included brackets and screws.

To connect it to your router, you can use the Ethernet cable or connect it wirelessly via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Use the first option if the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Finish setup by connecting it to a power source using the included 3m power cable. Next, download the app and enjoy your new security camera.

You can view a live feed at any time wherever you are via the app on your phone or tablet. You’ll also receive motion detection alerts on the app, letting you catch a burglar in action.

If you want to store video, insert a Class-10 SD card. The camera will store recorded video in the SD card. When it gets full, it automatically deletes earlier recordings.

What we like about it:

  • Cheaper than most Wi-Fi security cameras.
  • Excellent video quality even at night.
  • Two connection options – Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
  • Includes motion detection.

4. Accfly Outdoor Security Camera

This is another good choice if you are looking for a security camera with 2-way audio. You can hear what’s happening at home and speak to your pets or a burglar via the camera.

The Accfly security camera provides full HD 1080p video. It uses an ultra-wide angle camera lens that provides wider coverage than most security cameras.

Video quality is great during the day and at night. At night however, range is reduced to around 10m.

Like other security camera, the Accfly camera comes with two connection options: an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

Once you download the companion app, you’ll be able to see live video of your home and receive motion detection alerts.

If you spend most of your time on a laptop or desktop, you can also access a live feed via a web browser.

As for storage, there are two options.

You can pay monthly for cloud storage or install an SD card (64GB max).

What we like about it:

  • Two-way audio.
  • Two connection options – Ethernet and Wi-Fi.
  • Great video quality even at night.
  • IP66 rating – safe for outdoors.

5. ieGeek Wifi Security CCTV IP Camera

The ieGeek Wifi Security camera is more expensive than the other cameras we have reviewed. But that’s because it comes with extra features.

The most notable is the Wi-Fi boosting antenna mounted on the camera. It ensures a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

An Ethernet cable is included but you most likely won’t need to use it.

The camera provides high quality 1080p resolution videos that look great during the day and at night. When it’s dark however, the maximum camera range is 25m, which is significantly further than what most security cameras can manage.

In addition, the camera comes with 2-way audio, giving you an easy way to scare off burglars, talk to a delivery guy or check on your pets.

If you don’t think your voice is menacing enough to scare away a burglar, you can select other sounds like a dog barking, a siren or any customized sound.

The camera also includes motion detection alerts.

If you want to record video, the camera includes an SD card slot.

What we like about it:

  • Excellent video quality.
  • Long-range coverage at night.
  • Built-in antenna provides stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Includes 2-way audio and motion detection.

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