What Is The Best Trailer Wheel Lock On The UK Market?

If you are looking for a cheap but effective way to protect your trailer from theft, we recommend a heavy-duty steel or brass wheel lock.

This is a clamp-like device that locks your wheel into place, preventing a thief from driving the trailer away.

Trailers are easy targets for thieves. Unlike cars, most are not well secured and are often parked in places where it’s easy to steal one.

A wheel lock is not theft-proof but it is effective at deterring the majority of trailer thieves.

In this buying guide, we review the best trailer wheel locks you can buy online. Most of these locks are also ideal for cars and trucks.

What to consider when buying a trailer wheel lock

a. Construction quality

Just the sight of a wheel lock will not deter a determined thief. They will probably attempt to break it especially if you’ve packed in an isolated area.

Heavy duty or hardened steel wheel locks are the best. They are resistant to crowbars, hammers and most other tools.

Even if a thief might eventually break the lock, it will take them time. The thought of spending more than a few minutes on the lock is enough of a deterrence to most thieves.

Brass wheel locks are also good but they are not as strong as steel and they are more expensive. Brass, however, offers better corrosion resistant.

b. Size and Fit

Wheel locks have a specified range of wheel size they can fit.

Larger ones are designed for 12”-17” wheels while small ones are meant for wheels measuring 7”-11”.

Also don’t forget to check the recommended wheel width. Your wheels may be too thick for the lock you’ve chosen.

c. Weatherproof

The wheel lock is going to be exposed to the elements most of the time. Rust can make it easier for a thief to break the lock.

Check that the material and finish used in a wheel lock are weatherproof.

Brass is the best material for corrosion-resistant wheel locks.

d. Rubber tips

To prevent the lock from scratching or denting your rims, look for one with rubber or PVC tips.

e. Visibility

Finally, we recommend highly visible wheel locks that a thief will notice from a mile away. Bright finishes like yellow and red are effective at deterring potential trailer thieves.

Best Trailer Wheel Lock Reviews

1. Auto Companion Heavy Duty Full Face Car and Trailer Wheel Lock

The Auto Companion Full Face lock prevents the wheel from turning and the lug nuts from being removed.

This cuts off potential thieves from two opportunities: driving off the trailer and removing the wheel.

They also have a cheaper clamp-only lock (no lug nut protection) available.

You can adjust the length of the lock to fit any wheel between 13” and 17”.

It takes only a few seconds to fit it around your trailer’s wheel. Unlocking it is just as easy.

The wheel lock is finished in a bright orange colour that announces it’s presence from far away, ensuring thieves don’t even get close.

The lock is made from thick heavy-duty metal that can withstand most attacks. It is also corrosion resistant.

What we like about it:

  • Full face design provides wheel turning and lug nut protection.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Easy to install and remove.

2. MILENCO Compact Wheel Clamp

This one doesn’t cover your lug nuts but it offers excellent protection against anyone attempting to drive away with your trailer.

If the bright yellow finish doesn’t deter them first, the heavy-duty brass wheel clamp will.

The brass construction and powder-coated finish also offer good protection against rain and snow. The clamp will never corrode or rust.

The wheel clamp easily fits wheel sizes from 12” to 16”. If you have small 12” trailer wheels, this clamp is perfect.

The clamp takes a few seconds to secure around the wheel and includes two keys.

What we like about it:

  • Heavy duty and corrosion-resistant brass construction.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Adjustable fit.

3. Hyfive Heavy Duty Anti-theft Wheel Clamp

This is a good choice if your trailer has small wheels. The clamp is designed to fit wheels between 7 and 11 inches.

Most wheel clamps you’ll come across are designed for larger wheels. They can fit smaller wheels but don’t provide good security.

The Hyfive wheel clamp is small enough that you can even get an extra one for your motorbike, scooter or lawnmower.

The clamp is made from heavy-duty steel, which provides the best security against drilling, cutting and snapping.

It is finished in bright yellow and red colours, providing extra visibility that should deter potential thieves.

Each wheel clamp comes with two keys.

What we like about it:

  • Perfect for smaller wheels.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Easy to install. Jaws have soft coating to protect your rims from scratches.
  • Affordable.

4. Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp

This is another good choice for small wheels. It fits all wheels between 175mm (7 inches) and 225mm (9 inches).

It is made from steel, so you can be sure it can withstand most kinds of attacks and any attempts to drive off with the clamp still attached.

The clamp comes in a bright yellow and red finish, providing high visibility to any potential thieves.

It’s easy to put on and includes two keys.

What we like about it:

  • Great for small wheels on trailers as well as scooters and lawnmowers.
  • Soft coating on jaws to prevent scratches on your rims.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction.
  • Affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do steering wheel locks deter thieves?

Yes, steering wheel locks are excellent visual deterrents. Just the site of one through the window makes the thief think twice about breaking in and stealing the car or trailer.

How do I lock my trailer without a wheel lock?

The best alternative to a wheel lock is a hitch lock or a coupler lock. It prevents a thief from towing away your trailer since they cannot access the hitch.

You can also try using a chain looped around two of the trailer wheels and locked with a heavy-duty padlock. This essentially locks the wheels. Just keep in mind that a chain might be easier to cut through.

How do I protect my trailer from being stolen?

Use several protection techniques to counter whatever a thief might try. You can have a wheel lock as well as a hitch or coupler lock. That protects your trailer on two fronts.

Don’t forget to install a secure door lock as well to protect your valuables.

In addition, install an alarm to detect an attempted theft and a GPS tracker for easy recovery if the trailer is stolen.

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