Which Is The Best Fireproof Document Bag On The UK Market?

For important documents and valuables, a drawer or a normal storage box is not secure enough. All it takes is a fire or a flood and your certificates are gone.

You can get a fireproof safe but that is expensive and takes up space. It’s also an overkill if the documents are not sensitive.

The best solution is a fireproof document bag. It takes little space, meaning you can still store your documents in the cabinet.

It’s also great for carrying your documents when you are travelling.

What To Consider When Buying A Fireproof Document Bag

a) Design

For obvious reasons, fireproof document bags have a different design from normal bags. They use special materials that can withstand a fire and a closure system that keeps the documents inside well protected.

Most use materials like aluminium, silicone coating and fiberglass to protect your documents from a fire.

b) Waterproof

It doesn’t make sense to spend money to protect your important documents from a fire only to see them damaged by a flood.

That’s why most fireproof document bags are also waterproof.

This double protection ensures your documents are safe in all circumstances, whether you’ve stored them at home or traveling with them.

c) Different sizes

One of the most important things to check when buying a fireproof document bag is its size.

You can get something small enough to fit just your iPad, passports and other small documents or a large capacity bag for A4  and large format documents.

It all depends on your storage needs.

d) Type of closure

The most secure fireproof document bags provide two types of closure mechanisms: a zip and a Velcro flap.

This provides better protection from a fire or water.

But depending on the design and size of the bag, a zippered closure might be enough.

The Best Fireproof Document Bag Reviews

To help you find the right choice for your needs, we have picked the five best fireproof document bags available online.

They are easy to use, provide excellent fire protection and are also waterproof.

1. Fireproof Safe Document Bag

This bag is large enough to fit a 3” high stack of A4 documents.

It uses silicon-coated fiberglass to keep away fire and heat. It can withstand temperatures of up to 593 Celsius.

A combined zipper and Velcro closure ensures fire doesn’t creep inside the bag. It can be completely enveloped in flames without any harm to the documents inside.

In addition to fire protection, this bag is also waterproof.

It measures 15 by 12 inches, making it ideal for A4 as well as large format documents. You can store your deeds, certificates and other important documents.

It’s also good for jewellery, guns and other small valuables. You can even store cash in it especially when travelling.

What we like about it:

  • Stylish design. Great for travelling.
  • Zip and Velcro for extra protection.
  • Can withstand very hot fires as well as water.

2. Oxsaytee Fireproof Document Bag

Measuring 15” by 11”, this bag is also ideal for A4 and some large format documents. It is 3” thick, giving you plenty of space to stuff several documents.

The bag is rated for temperatures up to 593 C for a maximum of 30 minutes. A fiberglass nylon exterior and an inner aluminium lining deflect flames and heat.

The basic closure method is a zip. There’s also a Velcro flap completely covering the zip, ensuring there is no chance the fire will creep inside the bag.

The secure methods used to keep fire away are also great at preventing water entry. If you happen to be caught in the rain or there is a flood in your home, your documents will be safe.

You can also use the bag to store LiPo batteries. If they explode, the bag can easily contain the fire. This is handy if you are travelling with your drone and need to carry spare batteries.

I love the bag’s design. It looks stylish and is easy to carry thanks to the included shoulder strap and carrying handle.

What we like about it:

  • Great design.
  • Fire, water and blast proof.
  • Large enough for most documents as well as items like cash, passports, batteries and jewellery.

3. Vemingo Fireproof Document Bag

This bag measures 15.7” by 12.5”. So it’s good for A4 documents and things like cash, your passport, house deed and jewellery.

At 3” in thickness, you can stuff a generous amount of documents.

The bag is coated with fiberglass both on the inside and outside. It not only protects your documents from external fires, it can also contain a fire from inside the bag.

This makes it ideal for battery storage.

Like most other document bags we have reviewed, this one also uses a double enclosure: a zip and a Velcro flap.

This ensures fire doesn’t get anywhere near your documents.

Design-wise, we love the sleek modern look of the bag. It’s available in two colours: grey and black.

What we like about it:

  • Large capacity – can fit A4 documents plus several other items like cash, passport and jewellery.
  • Modern stylish design.
  • Available in two colour options.

4. QNIGLO Fireproof File Folder Document Bag

This bag is great if you have multiple items you want to store safely. It has 12 compartments, which makes organization so much easier.

The pockets are big enough for A4 documents. You can also put in your passport, cash, jewellery, photos and whatever other valuables you want to keep safely.

The bag has a convenient folder-style design. You can store it in a drawer, in the car or even inside another bag.

For fire protection, the bag uses silicone-coated fiberglass on the outside that can withstand both fire and water.

The only closure method is a zip. It’s not as good as the double enclosure of other bags but your documents should still be safe. The zip closes tightly and is itself fireproof.

What we like about it:

  • Inner pockets are great for organizing multiple documents and items.
  • Excellent fire protection.
  • Compact design fits easily in a drawer or another bag.

5. ENGPOW Fireproof Document Bag Folder

This is another great choice if you are looking for a folder style bag.

This one comes in a beautiful brown finish that makes it look like a luxury leather bag. It’s of course not leather.

The exterior is made from a fiberglass fabric that can withstand temperatures as hot as 550 Celsius.

It also provides protection from water damage.

The folder doesn’t have organizing pockets like the QNIGLO one above. So it may not work well for storing multiple items like documents and jewellery.

But it can easily hold documents, passports, deeds, photos and cash without causing any creasing.

What we like about it:

  • Beautiful dark brown finish.
  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Provides both fire and water protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do fireproof document bags work?

Yes, most fireproof document bags work to protect your documents from fire. However, depending on design and materials, different bags will have a certain max temperature that they can withstand.

Many are also designed to withstand flames and high heat only for a certain amount of time like 30 minutes.

Check the specs and limitations of a fireproof document bag before you buy it.

How do you fireproof money?

If it is a substantial amount of notes at home, a fireproof safe is the best option. For smaller amounts of money or when travelling, use a fireproof document or money bag.

Are bank money bags fireproof?

Not all of them. Cheaper money bags are only waterproof or water resistant. If you want a fireproof bag, look for one that’s specified as such.


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