How To Secure Double Shed Doors?

British insurance companies estimate about a thousand pounds worth of items are stored in sheds. Thieves know this, too, and regularly target sheds.

Double shed doors are especially vulnerable. Where the two doors meet in the middle is the weakest point that thieves often take advantage of. So how to secure double shed doors?

What Makes Your Shed Doors Vulnerable?

What Makes Your Shed Doors Vulnerable

The first step to securing your shed doors is figuring out where the weak points are, then reinforcing them to deter thieves.

Here are some common problem areas.

  • Loose or weak hinges – hinges that are loose, exposed or rusted are a potential entry point for burglars. Ensure that your hinges are in good shape and have good quality carriage bolts instead of screws which are accessible from the outside.
  • Weak locks – weak latches, hasps and locks will be easy for a thief with simple tools to get into. Go for hasp locks, quality padlocks and strong bars to enhance your double doors shed security.
  • Structural weakness – If the door itself is low quality or has deteriorated with age, it’ll be easy for burglars to break into it. You’ll need to consider upgrading the doors, instead of just adding a lock.

On top of that, sheds are usually unmonitored and less visible, making them easy targets.

How To Secure Your Double Door Shed

1. Get a Good Quality Lock

A good quality lock can deter thieves from attempting to break in. We recommend a heavy duty steel hasp lock designed specifically for double doors.

Pair it with an equally heavy duty padlock that is resistant to picking, bumping and cutting.

Make sure both the hasps and padlock are weather resistant. Otherwise, corrosion could make them more vulnerable to burglars.

2. Install a Shed Security Bar

A lock, on its own, is not enough security for the double doors. By exerting force at the center, burglars can force the door open.

To prevent this, get a heavy duty shed security bar. It installs across the double doors and secures into hoop brackets on either side of the door.

3. Alarm

An alarm is one of the best burglar deterrents, and can stop them before they do any damage trying to break into the shed.

There are several types of alarms based on the sensor.

  • A vibration sensor alarm will go off when it detects vibration from someone trying to break down the door.
  • A motion detector alarm will go off if there’s someone lurking about the shed.
  • A door or window alarm is connected to a contact sensor placed on the door or window. If someone attempts to open either of them, it’ll trigger the alarm.

In addition to the alarm, consider installing a security camera and security lights.

Can You Secure Shed Windows?

You can and should secure your windows alongside the doors. Get blinds or curtains for your shed windows. They prevent prying eyes from scouting your items for things they can steal.

Make sure your windows are properly locked and cannot be opened from the outside.

You should also consider adding some security bars to keep thieves from getting in through the windows.

Other Ways to Secure Your Shed

  • Chain items together using a bike chain. This will make it difficult for a thief to haul bikes and lawn mowers chained together. Bundle light weight items like shovels with heavier stuff like leaf blowers.
  • Upgrade any weak areas of the shed such as the hinges.
  • Anchor the shed to the ground to keep thieves from lifting it up to gain access to the valuables inside.
  • Use metal brackets to secure the shed roof. This eliminates another common shed access point for thieves.
  • Consider moving any high value items to a more secure place such as the house or the garage.

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