How To Choose The Best Garage Defender?

A garage defender prevents up and over garage doors from being forced open. A metal bracket padlocked to a base plate, which is in turn bolted to the ground, blocks the garage door from opening outwards.

A garage defender is not a guarantee that burglars will not break into your garage or home – no home security is 100% burglar-proof. However, it’s a great deterrent that’s often successful in preventing home break-ins.

In this buying guide, we review the best garage defenders sold online in the UK, and give you tips on how to choose the right one for your garage.

What to Look For in a Garage Defender

A. Build Quality

Build quality is important when choosing a garage defender. A well-built defender will be more secure and harder for burglars to break.

We recommend getting a solid steel garage defender. Everything from the base plate to the metal bracket and even the padlock should be steel.

To ensure you are buying a well made and secure garage defender, only consider those that have a Sold Secure rating. Sold Secure approved garage defenders have been certified to be effective in protecting your garage.

B. Secure Padlock

The main weak point of a garage defender is the padlock that secures the base plate to the top bracket. If it can easily be compromised by burglars, then your garage defender is not secure.

In addition to the usual anti-pick and anti-bump protection, also look for a padlock with a hidden shackle or one which is shackless. This ensures burglars can’t cut or snap the padlock open.

C. Weatherproof

You need a garage defender that will last long outdoors. Get one that is weatherproof especially against rain and moisture.

Rust is the biggest enemy of outdoor locks. It not only makes the lock harder to operate; it also weakens the metal and makes it easier for burglars to break it.

The best garage defenders are powder coated to keep out rust. They also use a padlock that’s rated for outdoor use.

D. Ease of Installation

Finally, check how easy it is to install the garage defender and make sure that everything you need is included.

Generally, garage defenders require a bit of installation work. Specifically, you’ll need to drill into concrete to secure the base plate.

But it’s something you can do on your own with the right tools (a hammer drill and a concrete bit).

Garage Defenders: Top 5 Reviews

1. PJB PJB301 Garage Defender Master

The British made PJB garage defender master features a solid steel base, a steel defender, and a steel padlock.

The all-steel construction earns the PJB garage defender master a Sold Secure Bronze rating.

The shackless hockey puck design padlock further deters burglars while the powder coated finish prevents corrosion.

Note, however, that the manufacturer does not recommend using the Garage Defender Master in coastal areas because of high salt levels in the air. The powder coat will not stop corrosion in such conditions.

Installing the PJB Garage Defender Master is a fairly easy DIY project. All you need is a 16mm concrete drill bit and a hammer drill. Drill two holes and then use the included bolts to secure the base plate to the concrete.

The defender part secures to the base plate with the stainless padlock.

The main complaint from customers is that the padlock rusts a bit too quickly. That’s probably because it’s not powder coated like the rest of the components. So you may need to replace the padlock every few months.

You can get a replacement padlock from PJB.

Note: The PJB Garage Defender Master is also available in white

What we like about it:

  • High-security steel construction.
  • Sold Secure approved.
  • Comes as a complete kit.
  • Weather protection.

2. PJB PJB302 Garage Defender & Padlock

This is another good option from PJB Security. The main difference with the Garage Defender Master above is that the padlock in the PJB PJB302 is concealed within the metal bracket.

This improves the security of the Garage Defender, and provides a bit more weather protection for the padlock.

However, some customers still say the padlock tends to rust after some time.

Similar to the Garage Defender Master the PJB302 Garage Defender has an all-steel design. It won’t stop a determined burglar with an angle grinder, but it’s an effective deterrent against most burglars.

Everything you need to set up the garage defender is included. This includes the base plate, a padlock, a metal bracket and two bolts.

The base plate and bolts are meant for installation on concrete. If you have tarmac outside your garage, you’ll need to order a specialised base unit.

What we like about it:

  • Steel construction – secure and durable.
  • Hidden padlock.
  • Relatively easy to install.
  • Powder coated finish for weather protection.

3. KSS Fabrication Garage Door Defender

If you are looking for something cheaper, we recommend the KSS Fabrication garage door defender.

The KSS defender features a zinc plated metal base plate. This is much more effective at preventing corrosion compared to powder coating.

The body of the defender is powder coated.

The base plate, the upper bracket and the padlock are all made from steel, ensuring durability and better protection.

The shackle on the padlock is hidden, making it harder for burglars to attack it. The only issue with the padlock is that the keyhole faces upwards and is exposed to falling rain water and snow. It’s highly likely to rust and jam after some time.

Many customers also say it’s low quality, and most have replaced it with a better quality padlock.

But the rest of the KSS garage defender is well made.

Installing the KSS defender requires a hammer or SDS drill and an 8mm concrete bit. You’ll need to make four holes to secure the base plate.

When fully setup, the bolts are hidden for additional security.

What we like about it:

  • Affordable.
  • Steel construction.
  • Corrosion-proof zinc plated base and powder coated body.
  • Easy to install.

4. Bulldog GD20 Surface Mounted Garage Door Lock

The Bulldog GD20 is another budget option. The base plate and defender body are made from alloy steel and the included padlock is stainless steel.

The reason the GD20 is cheaper than other garage defenders is that build quality is a bit lower.

The base plate is thin and even the padlock doesn’t feel very strong. Also, the padlock is fully exposed, giving burglars, and rain, easier access to it.

We recommend the Bulldog GD20 for low-risk neighborhoods. It’s also a good idea to use it alongside additional garage security.

Another issue with the GD20 is that it doesn’t come with the fixing bolts, like other garage defenders. You have to buy those yourself.

The base plate has four holes and the seller recommends M8 x 60mm expansion screws. You’ll also need an SDS drill to make holes in the concrete.

What we like about it:

  • Low price.
  • Steel construction.
  • Easy to install.

5. Master Lock 1488EURDAT Door Lock, Garage Protector

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for better security, the Master Lock Garage Protector is one of the best garage defenders.

It’s more expensive than other garage defenders, but it offers better protection and increased longevity.

For one, the Master Lock garage protector has two security certifications: Sold Secure and Secured by Design.

Build quality is also much better. One indication of that is its weight. The Master Lock Garage Protector weighs about twice as much as other garage defenders.

The thick base plate is made from steel as is the defender body. Unlike other garage defenders that are powder coated, the Master Lock defender has a vinyl coating that provides better weather protection.

The round padlock is made from hardened steel and has the shackle hidden to prevent cutting and grinding attacks.

The lock cylinder uses a 6-pin system that has high resistance against picking.

Everything you need to set up the Master Lock garage defender is provided. This includes two bolts for securing the base plate.

What we like about it:

  • High build quality – one of the most secure garage defenders.
  • Weather protection.
  • Two security certifications.
  • Easy to install.

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