A Guide To The Best Door Security Bar On The UK Market

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money on high-tech systems to make your home safer. Sure, secure door locks, security cameras and alarm systems are essential in home security and you should have them.

But don’t rely on them alone. Burglars have come up with all sorts of techniques to defeat even the most secure locks.

One way to burglar-proof your door is by adding a security bar.

A door security bar provides an extra layer of protection to complement your existing security measures. It is a simple and inexpensive addition that works very well.

Even if burglars manage to defeat the lock, they most likely still won’t be able to get inside. Even ramming the door won’t work since most security bars are designed to hold firm against huge amounts of force.

Types of Door Security Bars

There are many different types and styles of door security bars designed for different types of doors including French doors, single hinged doors and sliding patio doors. But they all generally fall into two categories.

The most common ones are those that you position vertically under the handle. The bar rests against the underside of the handle on one end and the floor on the other. Even with the lock open, it will be almost impossible to push the door open.

These security bars usually have a padded foot to avoid damaging the floor. Most can also be adjusted to fit different door handle heights.

Because of their design, most of these security bars can also be used horizontally on sliding doors to prevent the door from being forced open.

The other category includes security bars that are used horizontally across the door. There are different designs available depending on your door type. But most are designed for hinged doors.

With some, you secure the bar into the door handles and with others you secure the bar in brackets bolted to the wall or door frame.

What to Consider When Buying a Door Security Bar

a. Type of door

You need to buy the right type of security bar for your door. There are security bars specifically for patio doors, others for single swing doors and others for double French doors.

If you have a double French door, look for those bars that secure into the door handles. For single hinged doors, you can get a horizontal bar with brackets or one of those vertical ones that go under the handle.

Whatever type of bar you buy, make sure it’s size can be adjusted. This will ensure it will fit regardless of your door size.

b. How secure it is

The bar should be made from strong metal that cannot be bent or broken easily. When you buy it, test it yourself and see whether you can defeat it.

If you can, you probably should get another one. Burglars will be much more aggressive so you need to make sure that the security bar can withstand a tremendous amount of force.

For vertical bars, check that it does not slide across the floor when the door is pushed. It should hold firm.  

c. Ease of use

Finally, check that the security bar is easy to use.

Make sure you can position it against the door in less than 10 seconds. It should also be easy to remove from the inside.

Best Door Security Bar Reviews

1. Handle Barred Security Bar for Double Doors

This is a simple looking but rugged door bar that will deter thieves and burglars. It’s designed specifically for double French doors.

You simply insert the hoops into the handles on either side of the door and then adjust the length of the bar until the door feels secure.

Once in place, it prevents various methods burglars use to break in. These include lock bumping and lock snapping.

Even if they somehow managed to defeat the locks, the bar prevents them from opening the door. It’s made from a strong metal that can withstand a lot of pressure.

The bar is really easy to install. You don’t need any tools or skills. Just slip the metal loops into the handles and you are good to go.

Taking it off the door from the inside takes just a couple of seconds.

What we like about it:

  • Very secure against any technique burglars might try to open the door.
  • Adjustable length to fit different door sizes.
  • Easy to install and take off.

2. Defender Door Brace – Safety Bar for Doors

The Defender door brace works by preventing the door from being pushed open. Even if the burglars are able to break the lock, they can’t get inside.

The bar has a Y-shaped handle that secures against the underside of the door handle. It is padded to prevent scratches on the handle.

The other end rests against the floor. It is hinged to ensure it sits flat and tight against the floor even with the bar inclined. It’s also padded to prevent marks or scratches on the floor.

If anyone tries to push the door the bar just pushes harder into the floor and against the door.

Obviously, don’t place it on a rug which can slip. But you can use it on other types of floors including tile, wood or a large carpet.

The height of the bar can be adjusted to fit the height of your door handle (27.5”-41”). When you are not using it just push it down to its lowest height for easy storage or portability.

Note that you can also use this brace to secure a sliding door. Just remove the Y-shaped handle and then place one end against the door frame and the other against the sliding door. Adjust the bar length as necessary.

What we like about it:

  • Versatile – can be used on different types of doors and length can be adjusted.
  • Padded grip and base to prevent damage to door or floor.
  • Very secure.

3. Frostfire 5014 Dual-Function Home Security Bar

This is another good quality dual security option for both hinged and sliding doors.

For hinged doors, the Y-shaped handle rests against the door handle while the padded foot presses against the floor.

The foot has a flexible ball joint which ensures that it stays tight and flat against the floor even when the bar is slanted. This prevents it from sliding across the floor when the door is pushed.

The bar itself is made from 20-gauge steel. It would require a huge amount of force to bend or break. Its length is adjustable (78cm to 115cm) to ensure it fits different door handle heights.

If you also have a sliding patio door, you can also use this bar to secure it. Just remove the Y-shaped handle and then position the bar horizontally between the door frame and sliding door. Make sure you adjust the bar’s length to get the most secure fit.

Removing or installing the security bar takes just a couple of seconds.

What we like about it:

  • Versatile – can be used on hinged or sliding doors.
  • Adjustable length.
  • Easy to use.

4. Avonstar Classic Range Security Door Bar

If you have a hinged door but prefer a horizontal security bar, this is a great choice. It includes a strong steel bar and two brackets.

The two brackets (each measuring 2.5cm by 7.5cm) go on either side of the wall. You screw them into the door frame using the included screws.

The screws are special on-way security screws. They are easy to screw into the frame but are very difficult to remove. They offer better security compared to normal screws.

To secure the door, you simply drop the bar into the brackets. Anyone who tries to push the door open is stopped by the bar.

You can adjust the bar’s length depending on how wide your door is. The minimum length is 72cm and the max length is 120cm. A locking pin keeps the bar at the set length.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to install and use – you can install it yourself in less than 10 minutes.
  • Adjustable bar length to fit different door widths.

5. Avonstar Square Security Door Bar

This bar is very similar to the one above. Both are sold by the same company and work pretty much the same way.   

The only difference is that this is a square bar and uses different brackets.

But installation is the same. Use the included security screws to secure the two brackets on either side of the door. You can screw the brackets into the door frame or the wall.

The bar then drops into the brackets on both sides of the door.

There are actually two bars: a smaller inner one and a larger outer one. You can slide the smaller bar inwards or outwards to adjust the length of the bar.

Once you achieve the best length for your door, tighten the locking pin to prevent the bars from moving.

The entire bar can be adjusted from 72cm to 120cm.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to install and use.
  • Adjustable bar length.
  • Strong and secure bar.

Frequently asked questions

Do door security bars work?

They are simple security devices, but door security bars work really well. Even if a burglar manages to defeat the door lock, they’ll have a hard time getting inside since the bar keeps the door from opening.

Most door security bars can withstand a lot of force. So even pushing or kicking the door won’t open it.

Just make sure you’ve followed installation instructions.

How can I make my front door more secure?

First, make sure your lock is secure. Consider adding a deadbolt for extra security. But don’t rely on a secure lock only; skilled burglars can defeat just about any lock.

A door security bar prevents the door from opening even with the lock open. Upgrading to security hinges will prevent thieves from taking the door off the hinges. A reinforcer plate strengthens the latch area, which is one of the weakest points of a door.

Other options include an alarm system to detect an attempted break-in, a security camera above the front door and motion-detector lights.

How do you secure a double front door?

Install a horizontal security bar. Instead of the usual vertical bars that secure against the floor, a horizontal bar attaches to the inside handles of the door. This prevents the doors from opening when pushed.


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