A Guide To The Best Gun Safe On The UK Market

By law, if you own a gun you have to store it securely to prevent access by unauthorised persons.

Having secure storage for your gun (or guns) is not just about following the law; it’s also about common sense safety for your family.

It also prevents gun theft.

The best and most secure way to store your gun is in a gun safe. Like other types of safes, it provides the best protection against theft and unauthorised access.

Your insurer may also require that you get a gun safe before they insure your shotgun or rifle. They will usually provide specific guidelines about the type of gun safe you should buy.

That’s one of the things you should keep in mind when shopping for a gun safe. Does it comply with your insurer’s requirements?

Here are more factors to consider when choosing a gun safe or cabinet.

What to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

a. Size

The first thing you need to consider is how big you want the safe to be. Because most people own sporting rifles and shotguns (rather than smaller handguns), many gun safes are tall enough for your storage needs.

Where they vary is the width. The smallest gun safes can fit around 3 guns while others are big enough to fit up to 8 guns.

The best size will depend on how many guns you own. But it’s a good idea to get something slightly larger than you need in case you get another gun in the future.

So even if you have just 1 gun, I recommend you get a 3 or 4-gun safe. If you have 3 or 4 guns, get a 5-gun safe.

b. Security features

When you find the size that works for you, check which security features it contains. It should be sturdy (thick metal all round), have a secure locking system and difficult for any burglar to open.

The hinges should be on the inside and the door should have an anti-crowbar design.

As part of your security check, find out what type of locking system the safe uses. Most use a key and lock, usually with two locks along the door’s height.

c. Wall/floor fixings

It’s not enough to have a lockable gun safe. Someone determined can just steal the entire safe and figure out how to open it somewhere else.

So most gun safes come with pre-drilled holes either at the bottom or the back (or both) and bolts to secure the safe to the wall or floor.

d. Ammunition box

Finally, check whether the safe comes with an ammunition box and whether it’s lockable.

Best Gun Safe Reviews

1. WestWood Luxury 6 Gun Security Lockable Safe

This is a fairly large sized gun cabinet that can fit up to 6 shotguns and around 4 scoped rifles. It measures 1.45m high, 30cm wide and 35cm deep.

The safe also includes a lockable ammo box.

The guns sit on foam dividers which prevents scratches on your rifle. There is also protective foam at the bottom for rifles to sit on.

4 pre-drilled holes at the back of the safe allow you to secure it to a wall using the included bolts. There are no holes at the bottom so there is no option to secure the safe onto the floor unless you drill your own holes.

Security-wise, this safe is very secure. It uses heavy duty materials including a thick solid stainless steel door and stainless steel locking bolts. The steel on the sides and door is 2mm thick.

There are two sets of locks each with a pair of heavy duty bolts. The door’s corners are folded in, ensuring that a crowbar cannot get any leverage.

Each lock comes with two keys and the ammo box has two keys as well.

What we like about it:

  • Very secure.
  • Large enough for most people’s needs.
  • Includes lockable ammo box.
  • Includes pre-drilled holes for wall installation.

2. Ultimate Safe® 7 Shotgun Gun Safe Cabinet

If you need an even bigger gun safe, this is a good choice. It can comfortably fit 7 shotguns. Because of the extra wide and deep design, it can also comfortably hold 7 scoped rifles.

It measures 1.4m high, 35cm wide and 30cm deep. A lockable ammo box is included.

Foam dividers and a foam base cushion your rifles from scratches.

This safe is made according to specifications set out in the BS7558/92 standard. So you should have no problem getting the local police to approve it for gun storage.

The main security feature is the triple blade locking system.

There are two locks, one at the top and one at the bottom. Each lock has three heavy duty stainless steel blades. This ensures no one can open the safe whether by prying it open or dropping it.

Each lock, including the one on the ammo box, comes with two keys.

The safe itself is made from 2.5mm thick steel. The door has folded corners that are resistant to crowbars and chisels.

As for installation, you have two options. You can secure it onto the wall using the pre-drilled holes in the back. You can also use the pre-drilled holes at the bottom. Fixing bolts are included.

What we like about it:

  • Built to a high security standard.
  • Extra-secure triple lock system.
  • Lockable ammo box included.
  • Two installation options.

3. Dirty Pro Tools Deluxe Model 6 Gun Cabinet

If you are looking for a cheaper 6-gun cabinet that will comfortably hold 6 scoped rifles or 6 shotguns, try this one by Dirty Pro Tools. It measures 1.5m high, 35cm wide and 30cm deep. The functional height (from base of cabinet to bottom of ammo box) is 1280mm.

However, note that the number of scoped rifles you can fit will depend on the size of your scope. Generally, the safe can hold 4-6 rifles depending on size.

The ammo box is big enough to store all your ammunition and has its own lock and set of two keys.

The security is really good. The safe is built to the BS7558/92 British Standard for gun cabinets. That means thick sides and door and a secure locking system.

There are two 7-lever locks on the door. While they are not as heavy duty as those in pricier gun safes, they are still very secure. Most customers say the safe easily passed a police inspection.

There are pre-drilled holes both at the back and the base of the cabinet. So you have the option of securing it against the wall or floor. There are fixing bolts provided or you can buy your own.

What we like about it:

  • Extra high and wide.
  • Foam dividers and foam base to protect your guns.
  • Sizable ammo box included.

4. Sealey SKGS8 8-Gun Cabinet with Ammo Box

If you need an extra-large gun safe, this 8-gun one from Sealey should do. It measures 1.45m high, 35cm wide and 34cm deep. The internal dimensions are 1260mm(H), 345mm(W) and 270mm(D).

This cabinet is quite pricey, costing more than twice the others in this list. But it’s much bigger and the security is excellent.

While it has only one lock, there are 5 locking bolts located at different sections of the door. There is one at the top and bottom and three along the side. Each bolt is 25mm thick, ensuring the door stays locked no matter what.

Two keys are included for the main lock. You also get two more keys for the ammo box inside.

The safe contains foam dividers and base like most other gun cabinets. The sides are also carpeted to provide full protection for your rifles especially when you are moving them in and out of the cabinet.

You can install the safe on the wall or floor, or both. There are pre-drilled holes at the back and base as well as fixing bolts. But you’ll have to buy extra bolts if you want to secure it both on the wall and floor.

What we like about it:

  • Very secure.
  • Extra-large.
  • Includes lockable ammo box.

5. GDK 3-Gun Cabinet

If you own just a couple of guns you don’t need a 6 or 8-gun cabinet. This 3-gun safe from GDK is better and cheaper and it’s just as secure as larger cabinets.

It is built to the BS7558/92 standards, which ensures it will be approved by the police.

The door is 2mm thick and has folded corners, which guards against crowbars and other tools. The door is set into the frame of the cabinet with almost no gap between the frame and the door. There is no way anyone can pry the door open.

There are two locks, each with two pins. Each lock comes with two keys.

Unfortunately there is no ammo box. You might have to buy a separate ammo box when you order this gun cabinet.

What we like about it:

  • Foam dividers and foam base to protect your guns.
  • Takes up little space.
  • Includes pre-drilled holes at the back for wall installation (bolts are included).

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to break into a gun safe?

It depends on how well the gun safe is built. The most secure gun safes have a thick metal construction that’s hard to cut or break into.

The locks typically have two or three steel bolts that can resist different types of attacks.

Finally, gun safes come with predrilled holes at the back so that you can secure the safe to the wall. This prevents a burglar from getting away with the entire safe if they are unable to break into it.

As long as you don’t leave the keys lying around, your gun safe is pretty secure against common burglars.

How to make a hidden wall for gun safe?

You’ll need to cut a hole in the wall to recess the gun safe. Be careful not to cut through plumbing or wiring. Cut any studs in the way and construct a frame to support the safe.

Install the safe in the wall. You can hide the door of the safe using a piece of art, a mirror or a piece of furniture like a cabinet or a bookshelf.

How to build a gun safe room in your basement?

If you have lots of guns, a gun safe room is a better option compared to a gun safe. If you want to use your entire basement as a gun safe room, you’ll need to reinforce the external walls as well as the doors and windows.

You can use cinder block, concrete or steel plate to reinforce the wall.

If you want to use part of the basement, you’ll need to construct a strong separating wall and install a reinforced door.

Don’t forget interior furnishings such as gun racks, a dehumidifier to keep your guns from rusting, and maybe a table and chair if you want a place to clean your weapons.

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