How To Choose Best Folding Parking Barrier

Whether you need to reserve a parking spot or deter your annoying neighbour from parking or reversing in your private driveway, a folding parking barrier will help.

A folding parking barrier is an effective deterrent to keep other cars off your parking spot or driveway. You fix the barrier on a concrete surface the lock it. When you need to park, you simply unlock the barrier and fold it flat so that you can drive over it.

Some car owners also use parking barriers to deter would-be car thieves. You simply install the barrier at the entrance to the drive way or parking lot to deter a thief from driving off with your car. Though not as effective as a steering wheel lock or a secure garage, a parking barrier can provide some deterrence.

In this buying guide, we recommend the five best parking barriers you can buy online. But first, a few tips for choosing the right parking barrier for your needs.

Key Considerations When Buying A Folding Parking Barrier

A. Construction Quality

To be enough of a deterrent, a folding parking barrier should be strong and robust. Steel barriers are the best.

The barrier and all mounting hardware should also be weatherproof and resistant to rusting.

Also check the quality of the lock. The lock should be resistant to tampering and weatherproof as well. Some barriers use an integrated lock while others come with a padlock that locks two sliding metal parts together.

Some people prefer a barrier with a padlock because you can upgrade to a stronger padlock if the one included doesn’t suit your needs. You can even replace it with a combination padlock if you’d like to share access to the parking spot or driveway with other people.

B. Easy Installation

You shouldn’t have to call a pro to install a folding parking barrier. All you need is a drill to make holes in the concrete. Check that all the parts you need to install the barrier are included.

C. Height

Check how high the barrier is when it is locked. It should be high enough to deter motorists from parking there. A barrier that’s at least 30cm high should be enough to keep out other cars.

For easier visibility and added security, some barriers can be as high as 40-50cm.

Next, check the height of the barrier once it is folded down. This has nothing to do with security; it’s for your car’s safety especially if your car has low ground clearance.

Make sure the parking barrier is low enough when folded that it won’t scratch your car’s underside.

D. Warning Stripes for Visibility

Some parking barriers incorporate bright stripes to prevent motorists from crashing into the barrier because they can’t see it.

Best Folding Parking Barrier: Top 5 Reviews

1. Maypole Fold Down Security Post Bollard Parking

The Maypole parking barrier features strong 3mm thick steel to keep out cars.

The part of the barrier that goes underground is 25cm long, ensuring the pole can withstand impact. Heavy-duty fixing bolts provide added security.

The above-ground height is 57cm, which is taller than most parking barriers. Combined with the bright yellow finish, visibility is not a problem.

Included in the package is a padlock that you use to secure the barrier upright. The barrier folds down when you unlock the padlock.

Note that you don’t need to use the padlock to keep the barrier upright. If you are driving in and out frequently, you can secure the barrier using just the pin, but keep in mind that someone can come, remove the pin and fold down the barrier.

If you plan to be gone for longer, secure the pin with a padlock.

When folded down, the highest point of the barrier is about 15cm. Keep that in mind if you have a low-sitting car.

The barrier is easy to install and all the parts you need are included.

What we like about it:

  • High visibility finish.
  • Strong and secure.
  • Includes padlock with a set of three keys.

2. Relaxdays Folding Parking Barrier

If you prefer a wider barrier, instead of a pole-style one, we recommend the Relaxdays Folding Parking Barrier. It is 76cm wide, leaving little space for cars to wiggle through. It’s perfect for wide drive ways and parking spots.

The height of the barrier is 45cm, high enough to ensure no cars can drive over it when it is upright.

The Relaxdays parking barrier comes with a steel U-bolt padlock that prevents anyone from folding down the barrier unless they have a key.

The Relaxdays barrier folds flat to the ground when unlocked. The folded height of 7cm ensures most cars can safely drive over it.

Two red reflective stripes on the top bar provides extra visibility to keep cars from ramming into the barrier.

All the parts you need to install the Relaxdays parking barrier are included. The only bit of work you’ll need to do is drill holes into the concrete.

What we like about it:

  • Made with strong and weather-resistant galvanized steel.
  • Visibility stripes.
  • Ideal for cars with low ground clearance.
  • Comes with a strong padlock and three keys.

3. Streetwize Folding Heavy Duty Parking Post

The heavy-duty steel construction of the Streetwize parking post deters neighbors and motorists from parking in your driveway or parking spot.

The two bright yellow stripes on the post make it easy for a driver to spot the barrier from a safe distance, even at night.

The tall height of the post (65cm) also ensures no one will miss it.

The base plate is wide and sturdy with 17mm holes where the bolts go through. The bolts are included. You also get three keys for the built-in lock.

The Streetwize parking post is not quite as sturdy as the Maypole barrier (because it lacks underground support), but it works well to deter other drivers.

When folded down, the post is less than 7cm high, so it’s safe for most cars to drive over.

What we like about it:

  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Good visibility.
  • Easy to install.

4. SNS SAFETY LTD Anti Theft, Folding Parking Barrier Lock

SNS SAFETY LTD Anti Theft, Folding Parking Barrier Lock

At 34.5cm, the SNS SAFETY parking barrier is much shorter than most. But it should still work great at deterring motorists.

The 32mm galvanized steel construction and three-legged design makes it extra-sturdy.

The barrier folds and unfold by means of a telescopic leg. Lock the leg to keep the barrier upright, unlock it to fold down the barrier.

All the parts you need for installation including the padlock, keys and six heavy-duty bolts are included in the package.

A red stripe on each of the three legs provides good visibility during the day and night.

What we like about it:

  • Strong and sturdy construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good visibility.

5. Relaxdays 4 Parking Barriers

If, for one reason or another, you cannot drill into the driveway or parking lot, a mobile parking barrier is a good alternative.

It doesn’t offer as much security as a bolted-down barrier, but it can deter drivers from using your driveway or parking spot.

The Relaxdays mobile set includes four parking barriers and metal chains. The poles and the base are both plastic. For stability, the manufacturer recommends adding water or sand to the base, though customers say the poles still lean.

The chains measure 1.4m each and you can hook them up at various points along the height of the posts.

One advantage of this style of parking barrier is that you can use it across the entire driveway or parking spot, deterring even motorcycles from driving past.

Just keep in mind that a determined trespasser can just knock them down or move them away. They are more of a deterrent than serious security.

What we like about it:

  • Mobile – you can carry them in your car for use anywhere.
  • Ideal for wide parking spots and driveways.
  • High visibility.
  • Easy assembly – no drilling needed.

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