What Is The Best Combination Padlock On The UK Market?

One of the best ways to upgrade your home security is to replace your padlocks with more secure ones.

Anti-snap, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-bump padlocks are all great choices for preventing burglary.

But if you are looking for a cheaper and more convenient locking method for your gym locker, storage box, cabinet or shed, we recommend a combination padlock.

Unlike traditional locks, combination padlocks do not use a key. Instead, you turn a set of dials until the right numbers align.

The obvious advantage here is that you are saved the inconvenience of keeping a key with you all the time. You also don’t have to worry about lost keys.

How Secure Are Combination Padlocks?

Like any other padlock, or any kind of lock for that matter, a combination padlock is not impervious to being ‘hacked’.

The multi-dial mechanism on most combination padlocks is especially vulnerable.

That’s why we only recommend these types of locks for low and medium security situations; typically sheds, gym lockers and other storage areas.

Do not use a combination padlock for a main entryway or to secure something valuable. A traditional padlock or lock is more secure.

While a combination padlock cannot be picked and cracking the code takes time (burglars are usually in a hurry), the shackle can still be cut.

It’s important to buy a padlock that is well built and designed to withstand attacks like cutting.

Check the material used. Hardened steel, brass and molybdenum are some of the best materials.

Also check that the shackle is not too thin.

The Best Combination Padlock Reviews

To help you find the right combination padlock for your needs, we review the best combination padlocks for homes, sheds, lockers and other applications available on the UK market now.

We picked the best padlocks based on how tough it is to crack the code, padlock material and the overall level of security.

1. Desired Tools 4 Digit Combination Padlock

With 10,000 possible combinations, this padlock is great for most residential security needs.

It’s weather proof so you can use it outside without any problem. It can withstand rain and snow without rusting and jamming.

Setting your own secret code the first time is super easy. You can also reset your code anytime, which is handy in case someone discovered it or you had to share it with someone.

The padlock is made from zinc alloy and plated steel. It’s good for low to medium security applications such as gym lockers, a cabinet, a trunk and sheds.

As a bonus, you can choose the colour that best matches with whatever you want to secure. Available colours include silver, black, blue, green and red.

What we like about it:

  • Available in five colours.
  • Weather-proof – ideal for outdoor use.
  • Easy to set and reset your passcode.

2. Abus 165/40 Combination Padlock

The Abus 165/40 is good for situations where two people need to access the same gym locker, room or cabinet. Instead of sharing a single code, you can each set your own code.

The padlock allows two separate codes; a 3-digit one and 4-digit one.

Setting the codes is super easy as is resetting your code when you want to change it.

The Abus 165/40’s thick steel shackle and brass body provide good protection against cutting or snapping.

It is weatherproof so don’t worry about using it in an outdoor shed.

What we like about it:

  • Secure steel shackle.
  • Allows two different codes.
  • Easy to reset the passcode.

3. FortLocks 4-digit Combination Lock

This padlock uses a secure steel shackle and a zinc alloy casing. Like the other combination padlocks, it’s best for low to medium security storage applications like gym lockers, cabinets and sheds.

The lock uses a 4-digit passcode that is set to 0-0-0-0 when new. Setting your own secret code takes just a few seconds.

Once you set a code you can change it at any time.

The padlock is weatherproof, making it ideal for sheds and gates.

It comes in three colours: a bright orange, black and silver. There’s also the option of ordering a two-pack.

What we like about it:

  • Easy to set and reset the passcode.
  • Secure enough for most storage applications.
  • Available in multiple colours.

4. Diyife 4-digit Combination Padlock

This is a great choice if you are looking for a budget combination padlock. It’s also the best value padlock among our top picks.

For less money than the cost of a single combination padlock from other brands, Diyife offers two padlocks.

Each padlock can be set to a 4-digit code that you can reset at any time in a few seconds.

The shackle is made from stainless steel, which provides good protection against cutting. It’s also weatherproof, making the padlock a good choice for your outdoor shed or fence.

The body is made from zinc alloy. It’s not the most secure material but it will do for lockers, toolboxes, cabinets and other low security storage applications.

What we like about it:

  • A great bargain – 2 padlocks for less money than the cost of most combination padlocks.
  • Easy to set and reset the code.
  • Secure and weather-proof materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset a combination padlock?

Pull the shackle upwards and rotate it 90-degrees (some padlocks require a 180-degree rotation). Press the shackle down and hold it there.

Enter your new code and then release the shackle. Rotate it back 90 degrees and press it down to close the padlock. Shuffle the combination and then enter the new code to test if it works.

How to crack a 4-digit combination padlock?

If you’ve forgotten the code to a combination padlock, you can crack it open in about a minute. Pull down on the padlock with even pressure. This allows you to hear the dials click when in the right position.

If the padlock is not on a handle, make a makeshift handle by tying a rope around the shackle and securing the rope on something solid. You can then pull down on the padlock.

While pulling the padlock down, turn each dial to determine which has the most resistance. Start with that one. Turn the dial until you hear a click and the padlock moves slightly downwards. Move to the next dial with the highest resistant and repeat. Do the same for the third dial.

For the last dial, you can release the padlock. Simply turn the dial to each number, and try to pull it open every time you turn it. The lock will open on one of the numbers.

With the lock open, reset the combination lock to a new code.

How to open a jammed combination padlock?

Dirt or corrosion (particularly if the padlock is not weatherproof) can jam the mechanism of a combination padlock, preventing it from opening. Blow pressurized into any openings or holes in the padlock while tapping it gently with a hammer.

Then pour WD-40 down the shank and turn the dials repeatedly to spread the lubricant around. Now set the right code and try to open the padlock.

If the padlock has jammed because the code accidentally changed, cracking it open takes a minute. You can then reset the code.


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